Monday, January 5, 2015

My Wifes One and Only Affair.

by Arctic Prince

It was about 5 years ago when this happened. I didn’t plan for this to happen, but I had probably unintentionally (or maybe it was my subconscious) set it up. My wife and I are good friends with a couple named Phil and Jennifer. Phil is from Jamaica and is as black a person as I have ever seen while Jennifer is from Alabama. It must have driven her parents absolutely bat shit when she started dating a black guy and really drove her father insane to have to give her away at the wedding. We often joked about it and it just didn’t bother any of us.

Once while watching a porno flick with my wife, I mentioned that Phil should star in one of these movies. She asked me why, and I told her that I had seen him several times showering after one of our handball games, and that his dick was at least as big as any porn stars. I told my wife “you must have noticed the bulge in his bathing suit when we shared a hot tub at Phil’s house”. She admitted that she had noticed but hadn’t really thought about it much. I then wondered out loud how Phil’s wife could handle all he had, as she was a very small woman (barely 5’4” tall and couldn’t have weighed more then 110 lbs) and that Phil’s was 6’+ and his dick hung at least 6 or 7 inches down his thigh soft. I told my wife that I hoped it just got hard and didn’t grow to much bigger or Jenny would be in trouble! When I told my wife this, she acted as if it didn’t matter to her, but from then on I noticed that she glanced at Phil’s crotch every once in a while whenever we were together.

One night we had run into Phil and Jenny while out shopping. They invited us to dinner, so off to their house we went. Phil and Jenny were both nurses at a local hospital, in fact they had met in nursing school. About half-way through dinner, Jenny got called into work for some sort of emergency, leaving just the 3 of us. Several glasses of wine later Phil, Theresa and I headed for the hot tub. We had been in their hot tub before, but always the four of us and always in bathing suits. This was different as we had not planned on even seeing Phil or Jenny, much less getting in the hot tub so we had not brought our suits. The atmosphere was totally different what with the wine and with two guys and one girl. At first Theresa did not want to go into the hot tub naked, but finally gave in. She made us turn off the outside lights before she would come out to the back porch where the tub was. Phil and I got settled in and then Tess came outside with a towel wrapped around herself, but even with the lights off, we had a good view of her naked body when she dropped the towel and stepped into the tub. Phil had the jets going and with all the bubbles you could not see anything going on under the water. We laughed and joked and had some more wine. Tess sat between Phil and I and we sipped some more wine and just talked about stuff. Phil got out to get some more wine and as he returned to the tub his dick was starting to swell. He wasn’t hard, but he defiantly was hanging heavy. He walked slowly back, his dick swaying between his thighs and I noticed that Tess did not look away. Soon after that, the conversation became a bit more sexual with Phil talking about being a young black man in a southern college. He said that there were quite a few young southern belles who were curious if the rumor about black men was true. He told a couple of stories and as he talked, I slowly began to caress Theresa under the water running my hand up and down her thigh. Theresa leaned her head back against me and closed her eyes. It was Phil that finally noticed that Tess was pretty far gone from the hot water and wine, so he suggested that she go lay down on the bed in their spare bedroom. She drowsily agreed and I helped her out of the tub where she picked up her towel and wrapped herself loosely. She then tried to walk into the house but had trouble opening the door. She looked pretty unsteady so I got out and tried to help her inside. She wasn’t cooperating too much, so Phil also jumped out to help. I was on her left side and Phil was on her right and as we held her upright and opened the door the loose towel slowly slipped to the floor. The three of us stumbled naked down the hall to the bedroom. We turned our back to the bed and sat on the end of the bed with Tess between us. Leaning back, we laid her on the bed and then stood up. When we looked down, we were gazing on my totally naked wife laying there on her back. Her breasts looked fine, and the cold air after the warm tub had caused her nipples to harden. Her legs were slightly spread exposing her pussy to our view. Tess doesn’t shave her pussy, but does keep her bush pretty well trimmed. She was a very inviting picture. I looked up at Phil and saw him staring at my wife. He looked at me and smiled approvingly. I smiled back and then asked Phil to help me move her further up on the bed. When we slid her up the bed Tess responded by asking me to “rub her back some more” and then she rolled over onto her stomach. Phil had told me before that he was an ass man and he had said I was lucky to have a wife with such a nice ass. Now here it was, exposed in all its glory for Phil’s admiration. Phil just stepped back to the foot of the bed and stared up between my wife’s still slightly spread legs. That’s when I noticed that Phil’s dick was really starting to get hard and one question was answered, it didn’t just get hard it grew! (With a dick as big as his, it was hard not to notice!!)

“I’ll get some lotion” Phil said with a smile and left the room. When he returned with the lotion, I took it from him. Phil then held out his hands, I hesitated but then poured some lotion into Phil’s cupped hands. He rubbed his hands together to warm the lotion and we then began to give Tess a two man massage. Phil was on her left side and I was on the right. We started by rubbing her back and shoulders and then started to work our way down her back. Phil was taking his cue off of me, and just followed along as I massaged my way down to the small of her back. Looking at his black hands on her white skin was a real turn on! I skipped her butt and moved down to her feet, but Phil being the ass man that he was, could not skip her ass. While I began to give her a foot massage and then slowly started working my way up her legs, Phil began to massage her butt. I massaged her calves and then started on her thighs. I was working on her right leg and was watching Phil as he caressed and massaged her ass. He began to work her cheeks in a circular motion and her asshole and pussy began to wink at us. I had my hands on her thigh and with one hand on the inside and one on the outside I began to rub up and down her leg. With the lotion to assist, it wasn’t too long before my fingers were slipping between her thighs and brushing her pubic hair. As I pulled my hand back, Phil slipped his hand between her butt cheeks and he slid his hand up and down her ass crack brushing not only her pussy, but her asshole as well. His hand withdrew and was soon replaced by mine and I ran my fingertip up and down her pussy lips. I quickly determined that she was well lubricated. This time I pulled slowly on her thigh and Tess slowly spread her legs slightly. Phil then slid his hand back down and I watched as he extended the fingers of his right hand and softly teased her pussy lips. The tip of his finger slipped between her lips and I watched as he slowly ran his finger up and down her obviously wet cunt. He did this for several seconds and then slipped his fingers under her and began to finger her clit.

I watched dumbfounded as my wife just lay there and let our friend finger her pussy. Phil looked at me as if to ask if this was Ok, and I just shrugged. I still had my hand on her thigh, so I just continued to lightly rub her leg and watched closely as Phil continued to finger her clit. It was really strange and very exciting to watch as Phil now slipped his thumb inside her pussy so that he was rubbing her clit with his fingers and fucking her with his thumb. Tess slowly continued to spread her legs to give Phil better access, and soon her legs were spread wide. Phil then stopped rubbing her clit and pulling his hand from under her, replaced his thumb with two fingers. He began to finger fuck her in earnest and she just pushed herself back so that she was now partially on her knees with her legs spread giving him easy access to her cunt. Phil was fingering her with his palm facing down and was apparently working on her G-spot. Up to this point she had not made a sound, but now we could hear her breathing harder as his fingers brought her to the brink of an orgasm. Suddenly we saw my wife grip the pillow above her head tightly and heard her groan in ecstasy. As she started to calm down, Phil once again looked at me and getting no resistance, he got to his knees alongside of my wife. His dick was now rock hard. Obviously I didn’t measure him, but it had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and very thick! Thick and black as black could be! I had never felt inadequate before, but compared to my 5 inches, he was huge!

Phil positioned himself between her legs and took his dick in his hand. He leaned forward and just rubbed his dick up and down her pussy. He did this for a couple of seconds, and then Phil leaned forward and very, very slowly sank all of his dick into her pussy. Theresa let out a small moan as he filled her.

Once he was in her all the way he just held his position. I saw his buttocks clench as he obviously was flexing his dick deep inside of her. It was then that I noticed that she had begun slowly moving her hips in a circular motion, obviously trying to feel him deep inside of her. This was something that she didn’t normally do. Normally Theresa was pretty passive, she usually just lay still and let me do all of the work.

Phil had also noticed that Tess was getting into this he began to fuck her. He slowly withdrew almost all the way and just as slowly reinserted himself deep inside of her. He kept up the slow movement for quite some time. Then Tess began to respond to his fucking. She began to move in time with Phil. She slowly rose up on her knees and placed her hands besides her head. As she did this, Phil placed his hands around Tess’s waist and began to increase his speed. Tess began to match his thrusts with thrusts of her own. Tess had her head down and her ass in the air. She was supporting her weight with her forearms and was pushing back at Phil as he fucked her. The slap, slap of their bodies was loud in the small room.

I could only watch in amazement as Tess was being fucked by this now huge cock. You could tell that Phil was in heaven by the look on his face. He no longer cared that I was watching. His only concern was my wife’s tight pussy around his dick. He was fucking places that I didn’t even know existed. As he pulled back I could see her pussy gripping his cock and being pulled slightly inside out, as if she didn’t want to take a chance on his slipping out of her. This went on for 4 or 5 minutes when suddenly Theresa once again clenched the pillow tightly and began grunting in time with Phil’s thrusts and then she again moaned loudly and shook so hard that she lost her balance and fell on her face as she came for the 2nd time. Phil stopped fucking and just pulled Tess tightly to him, grinding his pelvis against her. He held her firmly and I couldn’t tell if he was coming, or trying to keep from coming.

He then pulled out of Tess exposing his hard cock. It was glistening from her pussy juices and it was massive! He pushed on her buttocks and told her to roll over. He said “I want to see your face while I fuck you”. There was a slight hesitation, but when Phil pushed again on her butt, she rolled right over on to her back. Her eyes were closed as if she didn’t want to acknowledge who was fucking her. Tess was now on her back, totally naked and exposed to her husband and another man. Phil was kneeling on the bed and when he reached down between her knees and pulled, Tess spread her legs wide.

Tess’s eyes were still closed, and she did not open them when Phil leaned forward and got between her widely spread thighs. His cock thrust out from his loins like an angry club, big, black and shining from their combined juices. It was quite a sight! Tess was laying on her back, her nipples erect and her chest and neck was flushed a bright red. Her hands were at her side clutching the bedspread in her fingers. Her head was turned to the side, facing away from me, but her eyes were still shut.

Phil worked his way up between her widespread legs, his cock hard and huge. He took his cock in his hand and began to rub it up and down her pussy. He slipped it between her pussy lips and slid it up and down her slit. He then concentrated on her clit and rubbed his cockhead in circles, around and around her clit. Tess began to shift her hips, an apparent attempt to slip Phil’s dick into her hole.

“Guide me in”, Phil told Tess. Not hesitatin, Tess reached down between them and took Phil’s cock in her hand. I was standing next to the bed watching closely as she directed Phil’s dick to the entrance of her cunt. Phil just stayed real still as Tess tried to get him to fuck her. Finally she started sliding down towards Phil and began humping herself onto him. It was pretty wild watching my wife go this crazy with another man, even if it was a good friend. Phil then leaned forward and sank 3 or 4 inches into Tess. Phil obviously liked his women to talk to him because he then asked her “do you want all of my dick or was that little bit enough”? .Her knees came up and she pulled at Phil’s back, but he pulled back. He asked her again if she wanted more and I heard my wife ask “give me all of your dick”! I damn near came just from hearing her say that. Phil smiled and slid deep inside of her and began to slowly slide in and out of her pussy.

At first Tess dropped her hands to her sides and clutched at the bedspread, but as Phil continued fucking, Tess brought her arms up and clasped Phil around the chest and her legs tried to encircle his waist. It didn’t take long for Tess to find the rhythm and they began fucking like crazy. Phil was soon slamming all 9 - 10 inches of cock into her like this was the last fuck he was going to get. I could hear Tess’s breath as she panted to each of Phil’s thrust. I knew that Phil couldn’t keep up this pace for long, and sure enough he suddenly stopped and raising himself up on his arms, he pressed himself tightly against my wife’s pussy. He dropped his head down and began to kiss her, hard. Theresa opened her mouth wide and Phil passionately kissed her. He was apparently spurting his load of sperm deep inside of her. Tess dropped her hand from Phil’s back and reached under herself and cupped Phil’s balls as he came. She continued to thrust her hips against Phil, grinding herself against him, and then she started to shudder and she came once again, moaning into Phil’s shoulder.

Phil lay on top of Tess relaxing after fucking my wife. Tess was also relaxing after having cum at least 3 times in the past 20 minutes. Phil then slowly rolled off of Tess. His dick was no longer hard, but it was still pretty big. As he withdrew from her pussy, I saw how swollen her pussy lips were. Her cunt gaped open and she made no attempt to close her legs or cover herself. It was then that we both noticed that she had either fallen asleep, or passed out!

Phil smiled at me and said, “That was fantastic, thank you”, and left the room.

I stood there staring at my well fucked wife, my hard dick in my hand. I stepped up closer to the bed, and with just a few tugs on my rock hard dick, spewed my cum all over her now well fucked cunt to be added to Phil’s sperm that I could see seeping from her pussy.

A little later I got Phil to help me get some clothes on Tess and I took her back to our house. The next day she pretended to not remember much of anything after we got into the hot tub. I tried to carefully tell her what had happened but she did not want to hear about it. She got quite angry when I told her that Phil and I had given her a massage and stormed out of the kitchen before I could even talk about Phil fucking her. The subject is now closed and she has never been back to Phil and Jenny's house.

Christmas Morning with My Son

Christmas Morning with my Son", a short story by Mrs Walker.

I just finished taking a shower and have to get downstairs to prepare the turkey for our family Christmas dinner, so I have only a few minutes to admire my body in the mirror. I brush my long, straight brown hair and turn from side to side studying my flat stomach and big, firm breasts with their hard brown nipples. You know for my age, I still have a killer body and amazingly good looks. Anyway, I better slip on my men's flannel shirt and get downstairs. I take one last look in the mirror and say to myself, "My God, you even look sexy wearing a man's shirt you bought at the Dollar Store!"

A few minutes later I am busy in the kitchen when I notice my son Tommy coming down the stairs wearing just a bath towel. I look over my shoulder at him and say, "Honey, this is Christmas morning! Now go upstairs and put on something nice!"

He replies, "Okay Mom, I will in a few minutes, but I want a glass of orange juice first."

I am busy washing vegetables in the sink and he walks up behind me and slides his hands underneath the bottom my shirt. His hands travel up my thighs, across my stomach, then he cups my breasts and begins gently squeezing them. I tell him, "Tommy stop what you are doing right now! You father and sister make wake up at any moment and find you playing with your mother's tits! Now stop!"

He begins kissing me on the neck and it is very enjoyable, so I let him fondle me for a little while longer, then push him away from me. He gets a glass of orange juice from the refrigerator, then sits on the edge of the kitchen table watching me. When I bend over to pull out a big turkey roasting pan from the bottom shelf, he says, "Nice ass!"

I immediately scold him by saying, "Tommy, this is Christmas morning! Is all you ever think about is having sex with me?"

A few more minutes pass, and I am about finished, so I turn around and look over at Tommy. Oh my God, he has pulled the bath towel away from him and is slowly masturbating! God damn him! He knows I cant resist his big hard cock and is teasing me! I command him, "Tommy, wrap your towel around your waist and get upstairs right now!"

As I watch his hand stroking his cock up and down, he says, "Mom, please give me a quick hand job! I promise that I wont take very long! It will only take me a couple of minutes! Please Mom, please do it for me because it is Christmas and that would be the best gift ever!"

Tommy is such a good boy, and is charming and sweet, so I walk over to the kitchen table and start jacking his cock up down. After a couple of minutes, he stands up and begins unbuttoning my shirt. I look him in the eye and say, "What do you think you are doing young man?"

He just smiles at me, then pulls apart my shirt and slides it down my arms. Oh my God, I am such a slut! Here it is Christmas morning and my son and I are standing naked in the kitchen having sex!

Tommy gives me a long tongue kiss, then says, "Mom, I am about ready to ejaculate any second, can I cum in your mouth?"

I think to myself, "What the fuck? If my husband discovers me jacking off my son, then having his cock in my mouth wont be much worse".

I give him a quick kiss, then get down on my knees and let my arms hang down along my sides. Tommy pushes his cock into my open mouth, then grabs the back of my head with both his hands and begins feverishly fucking my face. Within just a couple of minutes he suddenly stops and my mouth fills with warm sperm. His cock keeps pumping and I have to swallow over and over again. I wait for a few moments, then suck his cock a few more times to get out the last couple of drops and stand up.

Tommy embraces me and says, "Mom that was the best Christmas present you have ever given me. I love you."

I tell him, "I love you too honey. Now, get upstairs young man and put some clothes on", then put on my flannel shirt and button it up.

It can't be more than five minutes when my daughter comes walking into the kitchen wearing her bathrobe. When she is about six feet away from me she stops and says, "Mom, look what I got you for Christmas", then pulls her robe open and lets it slide down her arms to the floor.

Oh my God, she is wearing a "strap-on dildo!"

This Christmas is turning out the be the best one I have ever had!